.Welcome to Day 163 of the revamped Art Infliction.

Today is yet another heavy day for site news, so let's begin.

First up, Tat Tuesday has updated and last week's entry on that page has moved to Inflindication.

And speaking of Tuesday, today is the twenty fourth Twitter Tuesday product promo. For more information, please go the Twitter Tuesday page.

Bloopers has also updated for the third day in a row, as the latest addition to that page is near the site footer, along with the forgone conclusion of the Bloopers Count increasing.

We have a new added a new page, entitled The Spur Of Any Moment, with the purpose of keeping all of you in the loop about certain pending Art Infliction updates at any moment's notice. However, it's a not main page, as it's instead a subpage of What Comes Next. And speaking of What Comes Next, the mentions of Fanform, the Evaluation Pool Rankings, the Art Infliction/Spenny product line, Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention and Uniquely Specific have all been transferred from that page to its aforementioned subpage. Plus, the mention of Bloopers has also been added to that aforementioned subpage.

Sub Access has also updated, as the addition of The Spur Of Any Document has been indexed on that page.

In Development has also updated, as the mention of the future restructuring of the Contact section has been added to that page.

And finally, Steve Kaycee's paper about retired basketball numbers on the aforementioned Uniquely Specific page has once again updated.

Well, that's all for now.

Thank you and until next time, you have tuned into The Nog.